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Terrestrial LiDAR survey (TLS) is a ground-based laser survey, which produces highly accurate 3D data.
  • Terrestrial laser scanners provide detailed and highly accurate 3D data rapidly and efficiently

  • Terrestrial laser scanning is a ground-based version of the airborne LIDAR frequently used for terrain, industrial plants and landscape mapping.

  • Terrestrial LiDAR is the process of using a laser beam coupled with a rangefinder to capture the shape and position of all visible surfaces and objects. Terrestrial LiDAR is suited for relatively small areas where higher accuracy is a necessity or where field crew safety is a concern.

  • Using lightweight scanning systems and a tripod, a small team can deploy this technique. Enabling them to survey areas such as industrial facilities, infrastructure, town centres, etc.

  •  We have used the terrestrial LiDAR approach for producing detailed measurements and drawings for electrical substations, oil and gas plant, railway crossings, bridges, mines and many more.

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