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Surveying and mapping professionals are quickly turning to unmanned solutions to perform work better.
  • Drones are continually proving to be powerful commercial tools, simultaneously providing adopters with leaps in efficiency and safety. The surveying and mapping industry is no exception.

  • With their ability to capture data from above, drones have been successfully integrated into surveying workflows to perform land surveys, photogrammetry,
    3D mapping, topographic surveying, and much more.

  • Surveys provide critical information that enables decision making from site planning to design team and upkeep of infrastructure, to delineating cadastral property boundaries and more.

  • Using sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras, or LiDAR payloads, drones can capture a vast quantity of data, quickly. Drones collect data 97% faster than manual methods.

  • This data can be used to create a range of assets, such as 3D maps and elevation models, and extract valuable information like highly accurate measurements and volumetric calculations.

  • Drone surveying has become such a valuable tool, it is being used for land surveying, roof inspections, bridge/building surveys, solar plants, infrastructure maintenance, mine units and construction sites.

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